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Trust your toothpaste?

Don't settle for less!

       There has been lots of controversy about whether sodium fluorine ions should be used in toothpaste and water supply.  Luckily in recent years safer alternatives have been discovered and with the same established effectiveness as fluoride. 

      Our toothpaste (Kiss of Cacao TM), features both theobromine and nano-hydroxyapatite in high concentrations.  No other paste combines these cutting-edge active ingredients.  All of our ingredients are carefully selected for their proven benefits and premium quality, and everything we use is food grade.  Kiss Of Cacao was designed for my own family.  I didn't cut any corners in the pursuit of a healthier smile! 



     Have you heard?  Theobromine and nanohydroxyapatite were compared to fluoride in individual studies.   

 They were found to be, "As or more effective for 
re-mineralization of surface tooth enamel".

     Kiss Of Cacao includes 10,000 mg  theobromine per/liter of paste, and also 10,000 mg nanohydroxyapatite per/liter of paste. 

     Please see

 the attached

 ingredient pages  for more of an explanation on how these super supplements work!

Ingredients are listed on the shop page 

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