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Please take a look if you have had any problems with your products or the dispenser!  This is still a grass roots operation.  We used to only offer our product in glass jars, and since the recent introduction of our pump bottles there have been more technical issues.  We are doing our best to overcome any obstacles in getting this unique product to the people, so please help us by checking out the troubleshooting! However, if your not able to get the product to work for you, exchanges or returns for refunds are also available with all retailers.

#1 Problem-  Toothpaste seems to have separated and is too thick or thin.


#1 Solution- Place the jar or tube in a warm location, (like a sunny window) for three hours and then shake vigorously for one minute.

#2 Problem- The toothpaste still won't come out of the pump even after re-mixing as described in step one.


#2 Solution-  Remove pump bottle head and immerse it sterile warm water while activating the pump.   This will clean out any blockages in the emitter.

Also, please feel free to contact me with any problems or concerns.




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