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     Theobromine is a natural extract from the cacao bean.  Dried cacao beans contain 5% theobromine on average.  Pure theobromine is a white opaque powder with a bitter taste that is commonly available in nutritional supplements.  These supplements are often intended for ingestion due to theobromine's notable health properties.   At Kiss Of Cacao our focus is on the tooth enamel, but theobromine is an all around health champ unlike sodium fluoride.  So we are not just removing fluoride because of it's controversy, but we are replacing it with something effective.  In fact, in many studies theobromine has been found to be as or more effective than fluoride in the re-mineralization of surface tooth enamel!  So why look back?

  For example in one study a ten minute exposure of 5000 mg/L solution of theobromine/water was found to cause a 400% increase in the individual enamel crystal size!  Since our paste features a 10,000 mg/L concentration of theobromine, that makes it the most concentrated formula on the market and double that observed in most trials.  Below you can find out more about the many supportive effects of theobromine for the body  


                                                                    Theobromine observed health benefits:  

> Functions as a myocardial stimulant and vasodilator, it regulates blood pressure, and increases healthy cholesterol levels to support circulation.


>Acts as an effective bronchodilator like other methylxanthines more commonly prescribed for asthma 


>Contributes to a reduced level of amyloid plaques, which are negatively associated with Alzheimer's disease


>Reduces destructive cytokines and other inflammatory molecules linked to a wide array of diseases including obesity and even COVID


<Theobromine has various benefits on the excretory system, for example the inhibition of uric acid crystals, and also other better known diuretic effects. 


<Offers an array of mental support by providing increased focus, sustained energy, and enhanced mood.

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