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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Kiss of Cacao and other alternatives?

     There are no other toothpastes that feature theobromine and nano-hydroxyapatite together!  However, there are many other providers of these active ingredients individually.  Our recipe uses the highest concentrations of         theobromine and nano-hydroxyapatite available.  Also many of the other providers of theobromine or nano-hydroxyapatite include other questionable ingredients like glycerin or titanium dioxide as fillers and preservatives, but every ingredient in Kiss of Cacao is quality and natural. 

What are the payment options?

Using the Wix preferred checkout is the design and saves us a percentage at checkout, but we are happy to accept other forms of payment including money order, check, silver, bitcoin, etc. 

Please contact me by email if you have a unique wholesale situation.

Wholesale orders and discounts

Please contact me directly by email for all wholesale orders for the best price and service!

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