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     Now featuring 10,000 mg of nano-hydroxyapatite per liter of paste, and 10,000 mg of theobromine per liter of paste! 

     Theobromine is a natural extract from cacao and relative of caffeine.  Topical exposure of theobromine has been found to dramatically increase enamel crystal size and health.

      Nanohydroxyapatite is NASA technology which uses nano sized calcium phosphate rods (created from real animal bone or synthetically).  Nano hydroxyapatite is well established as a powerful remineralization agent which works on the dentin itself. 

     This well thought out blend of premium ingredients provides for all the expectations of a modern toothpaste.  We use lots of xylitol in our recipe and also some menthol and peppermint oil, so be prepared for a powerful minty sweet flavor that leaves your mouth feeing fresh and clean!  There are even ingredients to support whitening and healthy gums.  This has been achieved all without questionable chemical ingredients.

                                                        All of our ingredients are food grade*

Ingredients: calcium bentonite clay, calcium carbonate, non-gmo xylitol, amorphous silica, 10,000 mg/liter theobromine, 10,000 mg/liter nano-hydroxyapatite, menthol, cacao extract, peppermint extract, vanilla extract, Himalayan salt, trace minerals, colloidal silver

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