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Our Story

Providing an alternative

     Have you ever felt overwhelmed in the search for natural premium cosmetics ? 

     Congratulations, that is the first step in the switch to Kiss Of Cacao products!  We are small family minded business, and its these, "don't settle for less" values which led to the creation of a super effective but naturally derived fluoride alternative.

     The average toothpaste sells for around 3$.  Relatively, how much does the dentist cost in money, time, and trauma?  So please consider making the move to higher quality.  Our paste is made up of the most premium ingredients available, with the intention of giving our kids the best.   99% of the ingredients are active ingredients!

     For safety, all of our ingredients are food grade, but the effects of these alternatives are still well established through scientific and peer review.  Its easier than ever to get online and check out some sources yourself.

      Just type in any ingredient from our toothpaste in your favorite search engine and your on your way to greater confidence.  Also, we have included a summary of information for each of our ingredients, just see the attached pages!

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