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About: Nano-Hydroxyapatite or (HA).

             Active effects of Nano-hydroxyapatite


   Enamel is the outer most microcrystalline coating of the tooth.  It protects against tooth decay.    Ninety-seven percent of enamel is made up of hydroxyapatite (HA).

Dentin is the second layer of the tooth situated right under the enamel and seventy percent of dentin is also HA.  Dentin contains tubules or microscopic channels between the enamel surface and the dental pulp and these tubules travel all the way to the tooth nerve!  Enamel is also full of thousands of micro pores. 

     Hydroxyapatite is a mineral, it is composed of calcium and phosphate and occurs naturally in bones.  Nano hydroxyapatite has to be created in a lab in order to produce the ultra-small particles of hydroxyapatite.  Nano (HA) was first developed by Nasa to protect astronauts from de-mineralization in space.  These days nano-hydroxyapatite (HA) is commonly used in osteopathy and in dentistry.  The re-mineralizing abilities of this natural alternative to fluoride are well established!

 The theobromine in our paste is designed to work together with the nano\-hydroxyapatite.   Theobromine stimulates an increase in the individual enamel crystal size, while nano (HA) provides the necessary calcium and phosphate building blocks.  Our paste also features silica which has been found to affect the plating/scaling of calcium in water.

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